Note: this site is still up to serve as a reference for people who took the course in Spring of '19. If you're currently enrolled, please head to the site for the current semester.

Welcome to Data Programming!

Do you have interesting datasets you would like to analyze, but don't have any background programming? Then CS 301 is for you!

We'll teach you how to write Python 3 programs that will process data in a variety of formats and produce interesting results and plots. Python is a fun but powerful language. It's concise (you won't have to type too much, at least relative to other languages like Java) and popular (knowing Python is a good career skill).

We believe the only way to get good at programming is lots of practice. We assume you don't have any programming background and will start from the basics, but CS 301 will still be a serious time investment. You'll have a programming project due nearly every week, but we'll be sure to provide lots of support (in the form of lab time, ample office hours, and online Q/A with Piazza). By the end of the semester, we hope you'll loving programming as much as we do, and will be able to produce code with a certain level of ease.

Looking forward to a great semester with all of you!