Note: this site is still up to serve as a reference for people who took the course in Spring of '19. If you're currently enrolled, please head to the site for the current semester.


General Directions

You can upload either a .ipynb or .py file (as specified) for each project with the submission tool. Only one partner is should upload the project on behalf of both.

Every project should have the following at the top of the code:

# project: PROJECT
# submitter-netid: NETID1
# partner-netid: NETID2

For project 1, replace "PROJECT" with "p1"; for project 2, with "p2", etc. Replace "NETID1" with the Net ID of the person doing the submission (your Net ID is the part before "" in your student email address). Relpace "NETID2" with the Net ID of the other partner. If the project was done solo, replace "NETID2" with "none"

Specific Directions

P1 (Project 1): your first Jupyter Notebook.
P2 (Project 2): practice with operators, types, and boolean logic.
P3 (Project 3): practice using and creating functions, and learn about City of Madison spending.
P4 (Project 4): quiz time!
P5 (Project 5): analyze some real hurricane data.
P6 (Project 6): Wine.
P7 (Project 7): Soccer.
P8 (Project 8): Movies.
P9 (Project 9): Twitter
P10 (Project 10): Last project!