Note: this site is still up to serve as a reference for people who took the course in Spring of '19. If you're currently enrolled, please head to the site for the current semester.

Project Submission

Step 1: Authenticate with Google

Note: if you want your submission to be graded, you must use your <netid> email to sign in (this will redirect to to accept your password).

Step 2: Choose which Project

Step 3: Upload Your Code (.py or .ipynb)

Ignore Errors. Try to fix your errors first, and only use this if a deadline is looming and you want to proceed with a problematic submission as a way to prove what work you've done. Using this feature when avoidable could affect your course participation score.

Step 4: Followup

We automatically check for errors at submission time; use this button to re-check a previous submission.
Open your last submitted code (if any) in a new window so you can review it. Reviewer comments (if any) will not be displayed here.
Check for TA comments about your code. If you've resubmitted after TAs left comment, note that the comments will be shown on an older version of your code.
You should withdraw your submission if you started working with a partner who submitted on behalf of both of you. If you work with a partner, there should only be one submission on behalf of both of you.