General Directions

You can upload either a .py file or a .zip file for each project with the submission tool. Only one partner is required to upload the project. To make sure both partners receive credit, though, you must include the following comment somewhere in your code (replace YOUR-NETID and PARTNER-NETID with your respective NetIDs, the part before in your campus email address):

# my-login: YOUR-NETID
# partner-login: PARTNER-NETID

Or, if you're working by yourself, just put the following line by itself:

# my-login: YOUR-NETID

Specific Directions

P0 (Project 0): hand in some code that we provide you as part of lab 1.

P1 (Project 1): get some practice with operators, types, and boolean logic. Due Sep 19.

P2 (Project 2): explore population trends by using (and writing!) functions. Due Sep 26.

P3 (Project 3): fun with hurricanes using if/else and loops! Due Oct 3.

P4 (Project 4): get some more practice with loops and conditionals with a simple program that tracks average grades. Due Oct 10.

P5 (Project 5): enjoy the movies! Due Oct 17.

P6 (Project 6): more storms, without Due Oct 24.

P7 (Project 7): write some code to pick the best actors and directors. Due Oct 31.

P8 (Project 8): nested dicts, recursion, and tuples. Due Nov 14. ("To understand recursion, you must understand recursion.")

P9 (Project 9): let's analyze some tweets! Due Nov 21.

P10 (Project 10): Final Project! Due Dec 12.