Note: this site is still up to serve as a reference for people who took the course in Fall of '18. If you're currently enrolled, please head to the site for the current semester.

Slides and Worksheets

Sep 5: Introduction [Slides]
Sep 7: The Terminal [Slides]
Sep 7: Powershell Examples [ps1 file]
Sep 10: Pseudocode Activity [Worksheet]
Sep 12: Bits and Memory [Slides]
Sep 14: Programming [Slides]
Sep 14: Example Expressions [txt file]
Sep 14: Expression Practice [py file]
Sep 14: Week 2 Practice Exercises [Google Doc]
Sep 17: Variables and Expressions [Slides]
Sep 19: Using Functions [Slides]
Sep 21: Creating Functions [Slides]
Sep 21: Creating Fruitful Functions [Assigned Reading]
Sep 24: Function Scope [Slides]
Sep 26: Conditions [Slides]
Sep 26: Conditions [Worksheet]
Sep 28: Iteration [Slides]
Oct 1: Advanced Iteration [Slides]
Oct 1: Advanced Iteration [Worksheet]
Oct 5: Strings [Slides]
Oct 5: Strings [Worksheet]
Oct 8: Lists [Slides]
Oct 10: CSVs [Slides]
Oct 12: Lists [Worksheet]
Oct 15: Dictionaries [Slides]
Oct 17: Dictionary Nesting [Slides]
Oct 19: JSON [Slides]
Oct 19: Dictionary Review [Worksheet]
Oct 22: Objects/References [Slides]
Oct 24: Copying [Slides]
Oct 24: Copying [Worksheet]
Oct 26: Recursion [Slides]
Oct 29: Advanced Functions [Slides]
Oct 31: Error Handling [Slides]
Oct 31: Review [Worksheet]
Nov 2: Files [Slides]
Nov 5: Pandas [CS 301 Notes]
Nov 9: Pandas [Worksheet]
Nov 12: Web 1 [Slides]
Nov 14: Web 2 [Slides]
Nov 16: Web 3 [Slides]
Nov 19: Database 1 [Slides]
Nov 21: Database 2 [Worksheet]
Nov 26: Database 3 [Slides]
Nov 28: Plotting 1 [CS 301 Notes]
Nov 30: Plotting 2 [CS 301 Notes]
Dec 3: Plotting 3 [CS 301 Notes]
Dec 7: Regression and Numpy
Dec 10: Randomness
Dec 12: Review [Worksheet]

Code Examples

Several students have asked me to post code examples I write in class. I think it's better to watch these in person for several reasons: (1) I explain it as we go, (2) sometimes I'm giving an example of something that won't work, and (3) it makes sense to see something incrementally written than to just look at the final version. That said, I'll dump some (but not all) of the examples on GitHub. Of course, please still come to lecture, and don't consider looking at the examples a substitute. The examples here won't come with much explanation. If there's something specific from lecture you want posted here that I didn't share, please drop me an email. Or, feel free to come to office hours to discuss any example that didn't make sense to you in class.